The Brazilian Journal of Geology is the official publication of the Brazilian Geological Society. As the Deputy Editor, I receive emails with common questions about the journal. So I decided to crate a page with some useful information for potential authors. [Read More]

New site layout

If you are reading this it means my website is… alive and well! And you can see that this website has changed a bit. It loads faster, the visual is different (cleaner, I hope) and it works on all screen sizes (well, maybe not on a Nokia 3310). [Read More]
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The SPAMLab has a website (and a blog)

Yes, that’s right. I finally managed to get the SPAMLab website up and running. It’s hosted on Github Pages: SPAMLab.github.io I’ll try to keep it updated with our research projects and activities. Stay tuned, and follow us on Twitter (@spamlab.iee) and Instagram (@spamlab.iee).

Denoising SRTM with GRASS-GIS

Digital elevation data usually has some noise in it, but removing that noise may not be as easy as a simple filtering procedure. Using raster filters (mean, mode etc) in moving-windows operations will smooth the original topography. One solution is to perform the filtering with the XYZ information of each... [Read More]